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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 13 in 13 Challenge?
13 in 13 is a project designed to help people learn skills and improve their independence, self-sufficiency and marketability in a society rapidly losing touch with such things. 13 in 13 stands for 13 New Skills in 2013.
Who can join 13 in 13? Is this just for Americans or is there and age limit?
13 in 13 is family friendly and open to all. Anyone can join and work on new skills. Families are welcome to join as a family or to set up a profile for each individual it is their choice.
Is the challenge limited to 13 skills?
Absolutely Not! We initially limit your profile to setting a goal of 13 Skills but once you complete those you unlock the ability to add more. The sky is the limit, 13 is the base line to help set a bar that anyone who really wants to can reach.
How do you know a skill has been completed? Who decides that it is time to check off a skill as completed?
13 in 13 is all about self-reliance and self-sufficiency so the answer is you do. Each skill should have some bar you set for yourself and this is based on current experience. A person who has never pressure canned may simply set the goal of learning the basics and call the skill complete when they successfully can their first batch. Someone who has done a bit of canning may choose “canning” as a skill but consider canning 6 new recipes their goal.
So you can choose a skill you already have experience in?
Of course, a fisherman might set a goal to learn to fly fish if they have always been a spinning fisherman. Or they may set a goal to catch 8 different species they never caught before. For example I am very familiar myself with black powder firearms but have never used a black powder revolver, so one of my skill goals is Black Powder Shooting. I will consider this goal complete when I can load, clean, maintain and accurately shoot my new black powder revolver.
How can members talk to and encourage other members or share ideas?
We didn’t want to reinvent the wheel here and become tired cliché like “the skills version of facebook” so we simply allow members to publish links to their twitter, facebook and other social media sites. Additionally 13Skills is sponsored by and managed by The Survival Podcast, so we have a dedicated 13 in 13 Board at the Survival Podcast Forum. Every member can include a link to their Survival Podcast Forum profile on their If you are not yet a member of our Forum you can sign up here.
How do members track and share their progress?
As you complete a skill you will notice that the white stars on your profile page will turn red one at a time until all 13 are red. Beyond that again we recommend that you join the Survival Podcast forum. Many members start individual thread for each skill they undertake. Additionally we highly encourage you to share your progress on your facebook page or on your own personal blog or website.